Key Services

• Preliminary Project Design
• Cost Analysis
• Complete Construction Documents (working drawings, details, specifications)
• Construction Inspection
• Maintenance Monitoring

Residential Development

Large-scale residential communities have become more challenging due to the expansion of developments into the more environmentally sensitive areas of the state as well as the ever-increasing regulatory requirements accompanying them.

Vella & Associates, through years of designing numerous multi phased residential developments, has the ability to effectively prepare and quickly process plans through City, County and Environmental agencies.


Homeowner Association
Plan Checking

The step between concept and completion is critical and time consuming.

Vella & Associates will assume the duties of the Architectural Committee for Developers and HOA Boards of Directors. Our multi-talented staff will address the technical and aesthetic aspects of a project based on the C.C.& Rs. and the Architectural Guidelines. This allows you more freedom, protects you from homeowner disputes and complicated details; and most importantly saves your valuable productive time.

Custom Private Residential

Residential design plays an important role in our firm. The custom private residential division is one of our most creative and passionate areas of endeavor.

Referrals from many years of satisfied clients provide the majority of our constantly changing clientele. It allows for great freedom of expression in providing design solutions for requests ranging from practical, to fanciful, to sumptuous and with budgets ranging from modest to unlimited. It rewards us with the opportunity to provide creative, tasteful design solutions for a livable and pleasure invoking landscape and for providing an atmosphere allowing an easy relationship between people and their environment.